Posted by: Amanda | November 4, 2009

Joshua: a three-week update

At a little over three weeks into being the parents of two, I rate J.R. and I as success.  We are decidedly not a success in terms of cleanliness of our house, but since everyone is relatively well-rested, fed, and comfortable, we have declared ourselves a “success.”  Yes, our expectations are low.  This seems to be a popular method of survival during the newborn period, however.

A few points of interest from the past couple of weeks:

  • I am surprised at the lack of exposure that most people seem to have to slings.  Considering the number of babies, and the variety of slings available from a large number of distributors, I would presume that people must see them around.  In the few times that I have been out of the house in public places wearing mine, however, I am amazed by the number of comments/surprise that people express over the “handy baby carrier” that I own.
  • My tolerance of a baby crying has increased exponentially since Gabriel was a newborn.  I credit this to having a two-year-old and previous experience in the matter.  I am sure that it also helps that Gabriel assures Joshua that “it will be okay” whenever Joshua wails over the injustice of diaper/clothing changes.  If anyone knows about how to survive me changing them, it is Gabriel.
  • Gabriel is a great big brother.  He helps out however he can with Joshua, showers kisses upon his baby brother, and keeps track of Joshua’s belongings on the occasions that we are away from home.

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