Posted by: Amanda | December 30, 2009

A mishmash to tie up 2009

1. The Joshua update: He is becoming more and more fun/interesting to be around. At 2.5 months, he weighs in at 14 pounds and is 26-inches long. Unfortunately, we experienced his first cold at the beginning of the month. It was inevitable, but I would have liked to keep “baby’s first sick day” at bay longer.

2. Gabriel update: He has grown up so very much since we brought Joshua home. He is more independent in terms of doing things on his own, his speech has become much more clear (not that it was unclear), and his interests revolve around trains and cars for the most part. Basically, I am saying that there is a lot of Thomas and Friends and Lightning McQueen/Radiator Springs these days.

3. Our Christmas was nice. We visited with our respective families on days around Christmas and were able to spend the holy day itself at home. It was very pleasant, especially compared to running around to several Christmases on the day itself last year.

4. 2010 will not be without its challenges, but I think that it has good things in store for us.

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