Posted by: Amanda | February 9, 2010

Gabriel at 2.5 Years

At two and a half, Gabriel weighs in at around thirty-four pounds and is about thirty-five inches tall. There is no question that he favors J.R. in terms of appearance.

Gabriel is:

Usually kind, thoughtful, and polite. Though he wants to get his own way at times as well.

Very helpful! He enjoys helping with laundry, dishes, picking up, and taking care of Joshua.

Artsy. Coloring, finger-painting (with color wonder from Crayola – I am not very brave in terms of turning him lose with real finger paint in the house), and more are great fun.

Good at naming colors. I take no credit for this, he just picked it up on his own over the last several months.

Independent. If he decides that something should be done, he often tries to do it on his own.

An acute listener with a good memory. Gone are the days of J.R. helping himself to a treat without Gabriel overhearing and demanding his own. Also, the ability to take him shopping on a trip and pick up a gift for him on it has pretty much disappeared.

A talker. The doctor says that his speech is more advanced than average for a boy his age.

A potty champ. At least at home, for the most part.

Convinced that the purpose of going to the grocery store is to look at toys.

A rough and tumble boy. He’ll take down older kids (or even me) with his wrestling moves.

Our “buddy man.” We wouldn’t change him if we could.


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