Posted by: Amanda | February 20, 2010

Joshua at Four Months

At four months old (where has the time gone?) Joshua weighs in at just under seventeen pounds and is about twenty-seven inches tall. No wonder my shoulders feel tired/sore! Upon inspection of my records, Gabriel was about fifteen and a half pounds at six months old.

The other chief piece of news that I have to share concerning Joshua is that he has two teeth! They came in a few days after he turned four months old. The possibility that he was teething did not even occur to me. The appearance of teeth did help to explain why we had been dealing with a terrible diaper rash and clingy boy, however.

At this age, Joshua is pretty good about playing with rattles and such on his own. His favorite toy is probably a small Pooh security blanket, as it seems to be best for chewing/sucking on at this stage. I would say that he enjoys watching Gabriel play more than playing himself, however. He giggles often. He rolls over (both front to back and back to front). I cannot complain about night sleep, but I would like to see his napping improved (he feels that naps should take place in the sling or my arms). Actually, he feels that pretty much all of his time should be spent in the sling or my arms. I remember Gabriel feeling similarly, however, and enjoy holding Joshua nearly all the time for the most part. After all, this is such a short time in the scheme of things.

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