Posted by: Amanda | March 5, 2010

One Year at Home

If I looked it up, I could know the exact date, but I know that sometime over the next week will be our one year anniversary of living in this house. Our current home will not be our last home (it’s too small), so I’m not too sentimental about it. We have always known that it is transitory. This is home, however, and it will be the place that we have lived the longest before we move again.

Why this house is special:

  • Our first night here. I mentioned to Gabriel that it was time to go to bed, so he went to find his shoes so that we could go back to our apartment.
  • It took awhile, but by this summer, Gabriel learned to announce, “We are home now!” when we turn onto our street.
  • This is the first house that Joshua lived in.
  • Gabriel and I have gone for many walks around our neighborhood, and spent hours and hours playing outside in the yard. I’ll be able to say the same about Joshua.
  • We had our first yard sale here.
  • It’s the first place that I have ever felt a need (admittedly small) to decorate and look nice.
  • It’s ours. Ownership of a home is so much different from renting. Though it also kind of stinks, in terms of keeping up a home.
  • It’s in our home town, so it is as close to our families as we will probably ever live.

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