Posted by: Amanda | March 20, 2010

My Plan for Healthier Living

This week I am taking a break from writing Joshua’s birth story, I am planning on finishing it up soon; however.

I have mentioned before that I am a vegetarian, and I continue to be. Since Gabriel was born, however, I have slowly allowed more and more processed foods into my diet, mostly out of convenience – and I am paying for it.

I am sure that factors other than diet contribute, but I have less energy, have gained weight, and just generally do not feel as good as I did when I ate a diet in which processed foods were relatively  rare. For these reasons, and because I feel that God is calling me to do so, I am starting a new health regimen.

I haven’t ironed the details out yet, but I am returning to eating fresh foods most of the time. I will be limiting my intake of processed foods, increasing my fluid intake (I am somewhat prone to headaches if I allow myself to get dehydrated), and hoping to get more exercise/fresh air (even if just in the form of going outside with the boys for a bit) as well.

As far as my family goes, J.R. is already the healthiest that he has been in years, though I would, of course, like to see things stay that way and continue to improve wherever possible.  Gabriel is healthy as well, and not a picky eater – he eats far better than I did as a child. Gabriel was diagnosed with eczema though, and despite the supplements that I have been giving him, it has not gotten better. So my goal for Gabriel is to improve his skin condition through diet. My goal for Joshua: to not need to set goals. He is not eating any solids yet, but I would like for him to be a non-picky eater like Gabriel.

As I iron out the details on my return to a healthier diet, I hope to blog a bit about what has/has not worked for me, any sources that I have found particularly helpful, and other related topics.

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