Posted by: Amanda | May 25, 2010

Joshua at Six-Seven Months

At six months, Joshua weighed in at exactly eighteen pounds and is twenty-eight inches tall. This means that my worry over having an enormous baby to haul around back when he was four months old and seventeen pounds ended up being for naught. Isn’t most motherly worry though?

More fun facts about Joshua:

  • Joshua now inch worms along the floor, eventually making it to wherever he wishes to go within a room.
  • He likes baby toys, but finds Gabriel’s toys fascinating. Sometimes he pushes Gabriel’s matchbox cars around, making the appropriate car sounds.
  • Joshua says “hi,” “mom,” “dad,” and “num.”
  • He has three teeth now, all on the bottom. He just got his third tooth this week. The first two teeth came in over three months ago.
  • Joshua plays very well on his own for his age, I can put him down with some toys and just check on him while I work on other projects around the house.
  • Joshua takes 2-3 naps per day now. By the time Gabriel was four or five months old, he had settled into a predictable 2-3-4 pattern. I think that Joshua sleeps a bit better at night than Gabriel did at the same age, however.
  • Since he turned six months old, Joshua has become so much fun to be around! He’s so interactive these days.

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