Posted by: Amanda | May 29, 2010

A Letter to Gabriel and Joshua

In honor of Mother’s Day, Cotton Babies asked parents to write something telling their children why they are glad that they were born. This was my entry:

To my dear boys, Gabriel and Joshua:

Not a day goes by, my loves, that I do not thank God for bringing you into my life. Having done nothing to deserve your presence in my life, I marvel at the miracle of the two of you. It has been through you that I have learned how to live life. My selfishness has fallen to the wayside, and in its place stands a new woman; a woman who is not wholly unselfish, but who has learned to live at the service of others.

In a way that one can only understand as a parent, I know what it is like to love someone so fiercely that it can hurt. To wish for no harm or ill to ever come upon the children who are in my care. To know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would suffer in your place if I could, should it ever happen.

Because of you, my dear ones, I have learned how to love others with a real, true love. Throughout my life, I have never had anyone love me with such a pure and innocent love as you do – leading me to learn how to love in the same way.

While it is true that your father and I have seen our share of trials, I have never wished for our life together to be different. Our true riches lie nestled in our arms, close to hearts: our sons. Each of you are worth more than all the riches in the world, no value can be placed on you, or anyone for that matter.

You see, dear boys, I am glad that you were born because you have made my life into what it is today: full of love, happiness, and other non-worldly riches beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot image my life without you, because no matter how things may have played out, my life could never have been as wonderful as it is with you.

I love you with all of my heart,

My entry received second place, you may view all of the winners here.


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