Posted by: Amanda | November 6, 2010

Early November Daybook

Outside my window..
It is dark, and nearly silent. We live in a pretty quiet area, considering that it is in town.
I am thinking…
About Joshua’s birthday party next weekend. There are several details to be finalized still.
I am thankful for…
All that I have been blessed with: My family, the basic necessities of life, and the fact that I can allow myself this bit of “leisure” in my life. Also, it looks like we will be receiving a new-to-us washer and dryer set, free of charge! I have wanted to replace our extremely plain-jane washer and dryer since we moved to our house.
I am wearing…
A long-sleeve t-shirt and jeans. This has been my daily “uniform” since the weather has gotten cooler.
I am remembering…
How it is after ten o’clock at night, but I have a fair bit to accomplish before turning in, still.
I am going…
To enjoy having an extra hour in my day tomorrow. The last time that I was able to gain an hour of sleep during when reverting to standard time is before Gabriel was born.
I am currently reading…
Nothing. I have so many choices at my finger tips with a Kindle that I am reviewing my options before making a selection.
I am hoping…
That the adjustment from daylight savings to standard time is not too difficult or frustrating for our family this year.
On my mind…
A couple of online orders I should put in before my opportunity has passed.
Noticing that…
Somehow my finger nails require more cleaning to look well-kept as a stay-at-home-mom than I recall them requiring during my years working with various aspects of horticulture. I was in contact with soil nearly every day back then, how is this possible?
Pondering these words…
“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” – C.S. Lewis
From the kitchen…
For dinner, we had hummus wraps with baked potatoes. With brownies that Gabriel and I made for dessert.
Around the house…
We set out a few autumn/Thanksgiving-themed decorations today. The advantage of stores starting the Christmas season right after Halloween is that autumn items go on clearance before the season is over.
One of my favorite things…
I do not believe that I shall ever tire of fruit smoothies. I have eaten it nearly every day for about a decade now.

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