Posted by: Amanda | November 8, 2010

How to enjoy a beautiful late-autumn day

Today temperatures reached the mid-60s, and we were in the area, so I took Gabriel and Joshua to the zoo.


We were at the zoo around 3:00 in the afternoon, and many of the animals seemed to be at their best. The otters were running around and swimming, all but a few of the penguins were swimming (we even saw a few swimming tricks!), and the meerkats were all going about their busy meerkat work. Even the large felines were all out and (somewhat) about. The only other people at the zoo seemed to be employees and a few other parents of children about the same age as mine. We all had a great time, and managed to see most of the exhibits in only about forty-five minutes. Now that I know it can be a pleasant portion of an otherwise jam-packed day, we are looking forward to making at least monthly trips to the zoo in the future.

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