Posted by: Amanda | November 12, 2010


As a child, teenager, and young adult, I had a problem with indecision. Sometimes choices would paralyze me. Rather than make a choice, I often chose to hover in the land of indecision instead. We have all known someone that has done this, and most people have probably been guilty of indecision on some level at some point in their lives. I drove my family and friends crazy with my indecision; however, on a regular basis.

You know how people say that by the time someone has finished college they are pretty well set in their ways? I suffered from a fair amount of indecision still at that point in my life. Over the course of my married life; however, I have come to a point at which I am seldom plagued by the indecision of my youth. Mostly, I credit this to the fact that being married and having a family of my own has caused me to “grow up” in ways that were not accomplished during my days as a single adult.

While it seems that I have conquered the indecision of my more youthful days, I am by no means finished dealing with indecision in my life. The tables have been turned, and instead of being the indecisive one, now I have my children’s indecision to deal with (and hopefully help them conquer).

I know that indecision is par for the course in the case of three year olds, but I now I am the one experiencing someone else’s indecision on a regular basis. Thus, I can appologize sincerely for the frustration that I caused in other people’s lives due to my own indecisiveness. The tables have a funny way of turning so that we can see things from more than one angle throughout our lives.


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