Posted by: Amanda | November 19, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: 11/19/10

1. Gabriel and Joshua have been sick this week. They haven’t been feeling too awful, but bad enough that if I accomplish 2-3 things beyond meeting their basic needs throughout the day, I have had a good day.

2. JR and I are watching a Netflixed episode of Chuck as I write this. I probably don’t watch enough television to be making this statement, but I think that Chuck must be one of the most loveable characters on tv currently. He seems like such a relateable/normal guy that just got plunked into the spy gig! Who hasn’t been plunked into something unwillingly at some point in their lives?

3. Does anyone else ever think about all of the words that didn’t exsist 10 years ago (or less)? And probably have no meaning to their grandparents (or even parents)? I “netflixed” this show. I “tweeted” or “blogged” about that. You get the idea.

4. I am hoping to go see Tangled next week. I am not even really sure what the movie is about exactly, but I have a free pass and JR said that he wanted to see it and that it has good reviews. If I go, it will be the second movie that I have seen at a theater since Gabriel was born.

5. Since I have already devoted two other takes to his work, I would like to take this opportunity to mention that Zachary Levi is a Christian. I think it is wonderful when actors/people of influence are devoted to living the Christian life and and outspoken about their commitment.

6. So, Black Friday is next week. The item at the top of my to-find list is a new toaster oven at a great price, since our current one is on its last legs. Other than that, I’m just hoping to pick up other things that we actually need/use on a regular basis at better than average prices.

7. I’ve made it over half way through NaBloPoMo now. I’m actually kind of surprised how easy daily blogging is, once I got into the habit.   


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