Posted by: Amanda | November 27, 2010

Let’s Talk TV

During the time that I was a college student and before I became a mother, I watched very little television. My television “intake” has increased over the past several years, however. On one hand, television shows and movies offer an easily accessible and inexpensive way for JR and I to relax. On the other hand, it can turn into an incredible waste of time if one allows their consumption to get out of hand. I understand completely why some people choose not to have a television in their households.

Television consumption weighs pretty heavily on my mind as Gabriel (and Joshua, for that matter) get older and more interested in television. My children are not old enough to monitor their own television consumption, so it is up to me to help them make good choices. What they learn about appropriate television-related behavior as children is going to stick with them for life, at least on some level.

What kinds of ground rules have you set for yourselves and/or your children in relation to telelvision?


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