Posted by: Amanda | November 29, 2010

What’s Playing Now

I have a confession: I am almost completely out of any sort of current music loop.

Not that I was ever really into current music much. As a teenager, I could sing every country song on the radio, but that was the limit of my knowledge as far as “current music trends” go. I am an ipod (nano) owner, but have never actually used it. At some point in time since I had children, I have pretty much gotten away from listening to music while driving as well. I usually only flip on the stereo as a distraction for my fussing children, to make me less drowsy, or to distract myself.

Thus, the entirety of my “current music” knowledge is based on two Taylor Swift albums. These are the only two CDs in my car, and they have been there for years now. Fun fact: JR bought and placed them there, for himself. At least we are both content with what’s playing, since it’s not likely that we will be updating our current selection any time soon.

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