Posted by: Amanda | December 1, 2010

Advent Activities: December 1


Today, we put up our Christmas tree. By “putting up the tree,” I refer exactly to that, there aren’t any ornaments on it yet. Last year we saved that for Christmas Eve (mostly), and will probably do the same this year. I do have a purple ribbon that I intend to decorate the tree with (think liturgical colors of the season). We bought a new LED/pre-lit tree last year when they were marked down to 75% off after the holidays, so we appreciated the ease of putting the tree up compared to our previous tree.

Gabriel is at an age where he is very excited about Christmas this year. Joshua is at an age where I will probably spend about half of the time that he is awake reminding him not to pull on the tree, though he tries so hard to be like Gabriel in every way. It should be our best Christmas yet as a family.

I also read a children’s version of the birth of Christ today. If I accomplish nothing else most days durring Advent to prepare for Christmastide, I hope to at least read Gabriel and Joshua this story. To teach them about the real meaning of Christmas.


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