Posted by: Amanda | March 22, 2011

How Time Flies

  • It blows my mind to think about how we will have been married for five years come June.


  • Gabriel is going to be four in August. He’s a little boy now, but he still climbs up in my chair and asks me to hold him most days.


  • Joshua is seventeen months old now. He understands everything that we say, and can repeat anything when prompted, but does not say much yet himself.


  • It seems like Christmas wasn’t long ago, but we are all looking forward to spring and summer very much. The boys got to play outside in the mud with warm weather over the weekend. I suspect that this summer is going to be a great one.


  • I know that my kids are growing up, because recently, for the first time since Gabriel was a toddler, I realized that I want to entertain company again. It’s too bad that our home is small and doesn’t really lend itself to that sort of thing.


  • Life is busy, but I have no real complaints.



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