Posted by: Amanda | May 24, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day II

Today was laundry day. I ran four loads of regular laundry through my washing machine, plus I did two loads of diaper laundry by hand.

From start to finish, washing one load of flats and covers required about a half hour of my time. This calculation does not include the time that I allowed my diapers to soak, which I did because it has always been part of my diaper washing routine. In my bucket, a full wash load was seven flats and three covers, so I will need to average washing once per day in order to have enough clean diapers on hand.

I washed my diapers using the Camp-style bucket method, and my routine looked like this:

  1. Cold Rinse: Draw water, agitate for about three minutes, drain bucket.
  2. Hot Wash/Soak: Draw water, add one heaping tablespoon of detergent, agitate a bit, soak, agitate five minutes, drain bucket.
  3. Cold Rinse: Draw water, agitate three minutes, drain bucket.
  4. Cold Rinse/Wring out by hand: I noticed what appeared to be some sediment from my very hard water, so I hand rinsed each diaper again before I wrung them out.
  5. Line Dry: Today was nice and sunny, so within a few hours we had fresh, clean diapers.

I felt a little nostalgic while I was hand washing, because I remember my mother mentioning how my grandmother used to hand wash laundry. My grandmother also used flat cloth diapers on her babies. Although I have not checked with all of my many cousins, I am reasonably sure that I am the only grandchild who has used cloth diapers, and flat diapers in particular – just like my grandmother did!

The totals for today:

  • Number of diapers used:  10.
  • Number of covers used:  3.

Random Flat Fact that I learned today:  I realized that my arms were a bit tired as I went to hang up my flats on the clothesline. Additionally, hand washing requires more planning and time on my part. I hope that I will refrain from mentioning how much I would like to have a new washer for a while after I complete the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, and instead just recognize how good it is to own a washing machine.




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