Posted by: Amanda | May 27, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day V

Today I have been just plain tired. Using flats and hand washing diapers isn’t difficult, but I recognize that anything requiring extra effort can seem like a lot when one is wore-out from a busy week. If you have been reading along this week and are considering cloth diapers, don’t be deterred by this fact. The amount of work involved in cloth diapering most of the time is rather small. This week I am using less diapers and covers than ideal, hand washing/air drying them (and the weather hasn’t even cooperated much), and am busier than normal. But as with parenthood in general, everything that I have needed to accomplish has gotten done.

Although night diapering in flats was not a strict part of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I wanted to find a way to make it work. Last week, I tried stuffing two flats into a pocket diaper instead of our usual overnight solution of one microfiber insert and one hemp insert. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the diaper with flats seemed no more wet in the morning than our usual diaper. So on the first night of the challenge, I hopefully put Joshua to bed with just two flats, folded together and laid a piece of microfleece on top. It was a simple stay dry solution, and it worked just fine. A couple of nights into the challenge, I got brave and decided to do the diaper bag fold, with just one diaper overnight. Despite Joshua drinking ten ounces and nursing before bed, that one diaper held out until morning. Though I will admit that it was more drenched than I would prefer. Since that night, I have been using two flats for night again.

The totals for today:

  • Number of diapers used:  12.
  • Number of covers used:  4.

Another Random Flat Fact that I learned this week:  All of the different diaper folds, and snappis are actually easy, and work wonderfully. I was a padfold/trifold kind of girl before I decided to do the Flats Challenge, and I’m not about to give those folds up, but I’ve learned a lot this week. If you padfold a diaper and lay it into a cover, the odds are pretty high that the cover is going to end up messy if your child has a bowel movement. If you fasten the diaper around your baby before putting the cover on, however, the odds of that cover staying clean are much better. When you are working with a small rotation of diaper covers and hand washing, cutting down on the amount of laundry and keeping the covers that you do have clean is important. There is a wealth of information on how to fold cloth diapers on the Internet, Monkey Bunns has a great tutorial on a couple of different folds that I have not mentioned before.


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