Posted by: Amanda | May 28, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day VI

  • Yesterday Kim wrote about Elimination Communication. I’m not going into detail here because so many others have already written so much great information on it elsewhere, but I know the worth of EC through personal experience. When Gabriel was about twenty months old or so, we bought a potty seat and began the process of teaching him about how to use it. I started sitting Joshua on a potty when he was six months old, mostly because I wanted to familiarize him with the potty so that the learning process was begun at an early age and because I wanted to avoid some of the potty woes that we experienced with Gabriel (like bribing him to sit on the potty at first because it was new/strange/different). Even with my half-hearted elimination communication, Joshua has understood to pee in the potty since he was about a year old. And if I ask him to sit on the potty, he will usually do so all by himself, provided I remove his diaper first. The day when Joshua is completely self-sufficient in the bathroom is a long way off, but he is leaps and bounds ahead of where Gabriel was at his age.
  • Joshua’s usually easily-irritated bottom cleared up and has remained rash-free throughout the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. In fact, this is the best that his diaper area has looked in weeks. We have been doing a bit more coverless time than normal, but otherwise the routine has remained the same other than our use of flats.
  • For the first time since Tuesday, the rain stopped a bit yesterday and today – allowing me to drape diapers over my deck to speed up drying time. Although I have learned that I can wash diapers by hand, the novelty of doing so has worn off. I’m looking really forward to my washing machine taking the task of diaper-washing back over for me next week. I’m also looking forward to the return of nicer weather so that I can go back to line drying our laundry.

The totals for today:

  • Number of diapers used:  14.
  • Number of covers used:  4.

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