Posted by: Amanda | August 3, 2011

Gabriel at Four

Gabriel is four years old now. On one hand, it’s hard to believe how much he has grown in these last four years, but on the other, I love having a child who is decidedly no longer a “baby.”

We read books, long-ish ones, and lots of them. He even enjoys educational/textbooks, as long as the material is to his liking.

He asks appropriate questions to clarify when he doesn’t quite grasp something.

He can operate a computer, iPod, and Netflix on the Wii (some to a better extent than others). I didn’t even own a computer until I was ten.

If we don’t engage in outside physical activity of some sort, I know that there are boys living in my house, because he (and Joshua) will run around, yelling and jumping on furniture until someone stops them.

He likes dinosaurs. I have learned so much about dinosaurs in the past year and half just by being associated with Gabriel. Recently, JR gave Gabriel a velociraptor from one of the Jurassic Park movies that he had as a child. Gabriel’s immediate observation, “Daddy, how can this be a velociraptor? It doesn’t have feathers.” You see, paleontologists have discovered that certain dinosaurs had feathers since those movies were made.

Trains are still in great favor at our house as well. I think that we could own only dinosaur figures, toy trains and matchbox cars, and the boys would be perfectly happy – forgetting that most of their other toys even existed.

Gabriel is also at the stage where he has started to look at potential occupations (or maybe just things he thinks would be fun to do some day), as a four-year old:  Be a paleontologist, and work in a candy manufacturing facility.

He looks forward to traveling. Gabriel would like to visit “Mickey’s House” (Disney World) one day, as well as see the mountains.

He enjoys camping, and has tried his hand at fishing; he even knows how to cast.

I could go on, and on, but mostly, I love being the mother of my boy, and watching him grow into the person that he is.


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