Posted by: Amanda | October 17, 2011

Bargain Halloween Candy

There’s our stash of Halloween candy for 2011. Actually, some of the candy will likely be for St. Nicholas’ Day, Christmas, etc. Since the “best by date” on most of it is May, 2012,  some of it may even become Easter Candy.

Our stash of Halloween candy includes sixteen fun size bags, and three 8-packs of candy, specifically:

(6) M&Ms, fun size 11 oz.

(3) Baby Ruth, fun size 12.5 oz.

(3) Reeses pumpkins, fun size 10.2 oz.

(1) KitKat, fun size 10.78 oz.

(1) Halloween KitKat, fun size 10.29 oz.

(1) Nestle Crunch, fun size 11.5 oz.

(1) Reeses, fun size 10.5 oz.

(3) 8-pk Reeses 4.4 oz.

Retail value of this candy at Rite Aid, my candy supplier: $61.83.

What I paid after sale prices, coupons and store rewards: $14.00. 

That’s about $0.78 per bag of fun size candy, and $.50/per eight pack of candy, which is about 80.5% off and 75% off, respectively. The astute shopper would probably like to point out that fun size bags of candy are on sale at multiple stores for about $2.50 per bag lately, which means that my candy was really only about 70% off. No matter how you want to compare, I saved a lot.

Garnering all of this candy at such a low price takes time and planning, however. I have been stocking up since the beginning of the month, and waiting for the “best Halloween candy sales” (this week and last week) to come along. I am able to buy Halloween candy ahead of time because I don’t actually eat it, so most of this candy will make it until Halloween unless another member of my household finds the stash.

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