Posted by: Amanda | November 2, 2011

Today’s Recap

6:00am-ish: Joshua wakes up because he fell asleep at 6:30pm the night before. I sleepily nurse him until he is moving around/climbing off the bed to the point that somebody has to get up with him. I realize that this does not bode well for when Daylight Saving ends.

6:30am: I get out of bed and start my day with Joshua. Joshua has breakfast, reads,and plays, and I do the same, but also check email, blogs, and Twitter on my phone. We generally just hang out until Gabriel wakes up.

8:06am:  Gabriel wakes up and joins us in the living room.

9:12am: We (JR, Gabriel, Joshua, and me) have all managed to get ready to go to the Secretary of the State.

9:38am: When we arrive at the office, we remember that the Secretary of the State is open from 11am-7pm on Wednesdays.

10:08am: We all go to Target to whittle away some of the time before the Secretary of the State opens.

10:52am:  I arrive at the Secretary of the State’s office, but find myself to be the twelfth person in line. Two people will skip ahead of me before I am served around 11:30 because they had return passes.

12:00 noon:  We arrive home and have lunch

12:30pm:  JR leaves for work, he had a shorter day today because he’s scheduled to work on Saturday.

3:00pm:  Not sure where the last couple of hours have gone, the boys and I leave to run errands.

4:15pm:  All errands have been finished, so we spend about an hour and half outside enjoying the nice autumn day.

6:30pm:  JR arrives home. We all have dinner.

8:30pm:  Again, I’m not really sure where the last couple of hours have gone, but everyone is fed, clean, and happy. Gabriel and Joshua go to bed.

9:00pm:  JR and I watch The Middle, while I check email, bank accounts, and work on assignments that are due for my online class. I load the dish washer and finish the load of laundry.

11:30pm: I write this blog post. I’ll probably go to bed around midnight. Hopefully I’ll get seven hours of sleep before I start again tomorrow.

Today was pretty typical, except for we are not usually gone for two separate blocks of time during the day. I feel like my life is “happily busy” at this point in time. There’s always something to do, but I’m almost always with my family. Life is good.

What do your days look like?


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