Posted by: Amanda | November 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Living out of the Pantry

A month or two ago, life got busy for a couple of weeks and I think there was an issue with the car or somebody being sick that prevented me from getting to the grocery store, aside from the (small, over-priced) store in my home town for a few basic staples.

That time really pushed me to come up with meals based on the items that were available to me. Admittedly, we ate more frozen and canned goods than normal, but that experience ended up saving us time and money, and enabled me to focus on more pressing issues at the time. Additionally, it pushed me to come up with some new, or forgotten, meal ideas and use some of the foods that had been taking up space for too long in our pantry.

Perhaps the best lesson that my non-grocery shopping experience taught me was not to stress about a temporary inability to plan for or go on a big grocery shopping trip. I tend to do a good enough job picking up the items that we use regularly when they are on sale, so as long as somebody is able to make it to the small store in town for the perishable staples that we need every week, everything else can wait. It seems simple, but this revelation has been rather liberating.

Is there anything in your life that you used to think was a necessity, but realized it could be pushed back a bit without any adverse consequences?

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