Posted by: Amanda | November 4, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: November 4, 2011

— 1 —

I have an iPhone finally!

JR and I have wanted iPhones for a long time, but settled for Samsung smartphones with an Android operating system a couple of years ago instead. Now that the iPhone is available through our cell carrier (Sprint), we made the move. I’m really enjoying it.

— 2 —

I was excited to learn about the new Flip cloth training pants over a month ago, and one of them has arrived now. Joshua has been showing most of the signs of readiness for potty training (learning), so hopefully these new training pants will help. I had been holding out on doing much in terms of potty training with Joshua because while Gabriel trained at home relatively quickly/early, it seemed like forever before he could handle public restrooms and night time without training pants.

— 3 —

Every year I see estimations of the Cost of Raising a Child, and every year I cannot help thinking about how wildly inaccurate the amount is for us. While I have no doubt that parents could spend over $200,000 raising a child from infant to age eighteen (that’s over $8,000 per child per year), I know from experience that it does not actually require that much money. 

— 4 —

We took Gabriel and Joshua trick-or-treating to a few houses in the neighborhood on Halloween. Since they are still young enough that I get to choose their costumes, they both went as monkeys. Neither of them wanted to wear their monkey hats when it came time to snap the photos, but this is a step up from last year when neither of them wanted to wear their costumes at all.

— 5 —

We also carved jack-o-lanterns last week/this week. For as long as JR and I have a couple, we have always carved pumpkins for Halloween, and it’s nice to see how excited Gabriel gets about our tradition now. This year he was excited to repeat the entire process of going to the pumpkin patch, picking a pumpkin, and then helping carve his pumpkin and eat the seeds.

  Vampire Mickey jack-o-lanternGabriel's jack-o-lantern

— 6 —

I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday on Monday. Even as an adult, I think that Halloween is a pretty great day for a birthday. The general atmosphere of the entire community is one of light-hearted fun and parties.

— 7 —

I was hesitant to commit to it this year, but since I have managed to post for several days in a row, I’ll take this opportunity to announce that I am attempting to complete NaBloPoMo this month.

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  1. My husband and I just got IPhones too! We went with the Droid Android two years ago and I’m so thankful for the change! No more waiting five minutes for a page to load! =P

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