Posted by: Amanda | November 6, 2011

Standard Time

Yesterday was the last day of Daylight Saving Time, so today we are working on resetting our internal clocks.

Gabriel and Joshua both managed to sleep until 7:30 this morning, so everyone woke up happy and refreshed. We were hopefully that the time change would go smoothly, even though it takes a week or two for the boys to switch from daylight saving to standard time (or the other way around). I kept marveling at how great I felt this morning and how productive I felt all day. We were even early for mass!

Then, since it was such a great/productive day with beautiful autumn weather, I took the boys to the park. We were there for about two and a half hours. When we got home around 5:00pm, Joshua fell asleep immediately, for what appears to be the night. We never were able to get him to stay awake during the brief periods that he was awake again (he fell asleep on the living room floor, and we just let him sleep there for awhile because we were hoping that he wasn’t out for the night). I am relatively certain that Joshua will decide that it’s time to get up between 4:30-5:30 tomorrow morning. I am feeling very tired suddenly.

Like many other parents, we would rather not deal with the time change, but JR and I have both always felt this way. Our entire family tends toward being “night owls” over “early birds,” so we don’t do much enjoying of the earlier sunrise during standard time (and kind of hate that it can peak around the black out curtains and mess with our morning sleep), but really enjoy the later hours of sunlight during daylight saving time.



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