Posted by: Amanda | November 8, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011

*Tiny Prints is giving me 50 free cards in exchange for writing this post.  All opinions contained within it, however, are my own.*

Now that it’s November, I have started thinking about Christmas cards. When I started browsing Tiny Print’s Christmas Card Collection, the first thought that came to mind was “Wow! Look at all of these options!” There is a wonderfully vast variety of cards available from Tiny Prints:  they offer seven different card layouts (Circle, Postcard, Square, Folded, Flat, Tri-Fold, and Flip), many of which can be personalized further through different photo layouts, color choices, and other options. With thousands of different designs, I believe that Tiny Prints offers a holiday card to fit anyone’s tastes. This year,  I find myself gravitating toward the card formats that are less-traditional, while allowing me to incorporate everything that I require of my family’s Christmas greeting.

Upon browsing Tiny Prints’ card collection, I was smitten by their collection of Circle Christmas Cards. Traditionally, I display the Christmas cards that we receive from family and friends by hanging them near the Christmas tree in our living room, but Christmas cards that can be hung on a tree seem like a wonderful keepsake to me. On a personal level, I can see myself saving photo ornament cards, carefully packing them away, year after year, along with all of my Christmas decorations. In an un-scientific and non-random poll, my female family members agreed that they would enjoy receiving ornament cards and would save them for re-use in future years as well.

Divine Night.  This card can be personalized in three different colors and six layouts. The Madonna and Child on this card is a major selling point for me.
Night Divine Circle Christmas Card
Royal Ornament. Also available in Basil (green). This is one of my favorite designs from Tiny Prints’ Vintage Christmas Card Collection.

Royal Ornament Card

I really like the Tiny Prints Tri-fold Card Collection as well. Their tri-fold cards offer the ability to include many photos on your Christmas card, as well as a completely different format from the style of card than I expect to receive from my family and friends.

Candy Cane Frame. This card paired with the coordinating address labels is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Candy Cane Frame Tri-foldThe Tiny Prints Flip Card Collection offers a whimsy element that I would really enjoy having in a Christmas card. There is a different photo printed on each side of the “flip” portion of the card, that is reminiscent of a pop-up book from childhood to me.

Historic Charm. Check it out on the Tiny Prints website to see their flip cards in action.

Historic Charm Flip Card

I am relatively certain that I will choose a circular card this year, because I like the idea of a Christmas card that doubles as an ornament so much. I can picture in my mind’s eye all of our family and friends hanging our Christmas cards on their trees already, and the delight that such a Christmas card could give them for years to come.


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