Posted by: Amanda | November 10, 2011

New Hairstyles

I’ve been sporting more or less the same hairstyle since college. In those days, my hair was long and beautiful. I had the time to style it, so I loved having some of the longest hair in my circle.

Enter motherhood. Since becoming a mother, I’ve only used heat to style my hair once or twice. This is because my hair is healthier without those tools mostly, but also because I just don’t like taking the time to use them. I wear my hair back most of the time, as my preference is to have it off of my face. Also, I think that I look great with updos.


Before: Hair

Since Joshua was born, my general satisfaction with my hair has been low. Every stylist that I went to did an okay job, but I never received a great, new hairstyle that fit my lifestyle and would encourage me to style it again. Maybe my hair just took such a beating from the c-section that I wouldn’t have been happy no matter what, I cannot be sure.*

So, when my autumn hair** set in this year, I decided that I was just going to pick the most convenient place in town to get my hair cut. My sights were set low, because I knew that just by having some of the length taken off, my hair would become more manageable.

My hair came out better than I ever hoped for though. I left feeling excited and happy about my new look for the first time in years. JR, staunch supporter of long hair, even likes it. I’ll definitely be going back to this stylist because I think that she did a great job on both Gabriel and me.


Amanda & Gabriel

Side note: I used to think that people taught kids to stick out their tongues at cameras. Mine just like making funny faces without any prompting.

* Every stylist to touch my hair since Joshua was born (until today) knew that he was born via c-section. My hair was generally healthy, but had awful breakage that is common in women during the postpartum period following a c-section.

** I would know that the seasons are changing on my hair alone, every autumn my hair becomes much more tangled and disagreeable.


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