Posted by: Amanda | November 11, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday: November 11, 2011

— 1 —

This afternoon and evening, we attended my cousin’s wedding and reception. It was beautiful. I’m so happy for my cousin and her new husband, they seem to be a great couple.

— 2 —

I spent the majority of yesterday excited that my new vacuum was due to arrive. Once it was delivered, I opened it immediately, assembled it, and vacuumed my floor. My twenty-year-old self does not recognize my current self.

— 3 —

My cousin’s reception was within six miles of Frankenmuth, so we spent about an hour and a half there between the wedding and reception. It was a nice little surprise/distraction to be able to take the boys there for an impromptu visit.

— 4 —

So, 11/11/11. Many of the churches, of any denomination, seemed to be packed today. When we chose our wedding date, it had more to do with scheduling and pretty much nothing to do with the actual date itself. It was important to me that the weather be at least warm-ish, and that I was finished with the crazy, twenty credit hour semesters and 100+ miles one-way commute for college.

— 5 —

I just realized that all of my siblings were in the same place at the same time today. I wish that we would have gotten a photo. Even though we all live within about an hour of one another, we don’t seem to see each other very often.

— 6 —

It’s Veteran’s Day. Both JR and I have extended family members who have served/are serving in the armed forces. We’re grateful for the sacrifices that they’ve made for us and their countries. I especially admire military families for their ability to survive long-distance relationships. We all really miss one another when we spend just a couples days and a night apart.

— 7 —

Tomorrow we are headed to a giant mall a couple of hours away from home. Mostly, I’m looking forward to eating at Rainforest Cafe.We do not get to this mall often, but it offers a lot of stores all in one place, many of them being the only locations in Michigan. Also, we wanted to beat the pre-Christmas rush.

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