Posted by: Amanda | November 18, 2011

Under the Weather

This week we have been fighting off the germs around our home. This means that Gabriel, Joshua, and I haven’t been away from home since Monday in an attempt to not spread whatever we have around. It also means that I am beginning to run on fumes. Somewhat crummy sleep at night, tending to sick and somewhat-tired of being cooped up children during the day, along with a mildly-sick feeling myself because I probably I have a touch of whatever the boys have. Happily, everyone seems to be on the mend. I only needed to wipe Joshua’s nose a few times today, instead of every few minutes.

This leads me to a question that I have wondered for years:  How do busy families stay healthy? It seems like every time we go to a major social function in the winter, somebody ends up sick within the time span that it was likely to have been picked up at the gathering.  Our doctor has told us that it would be wise to stay home as much as possible in the winter to avoid picking up some of the more nasty illnesses, and we mostly do to the extent that it is possible – but it’s not really possible to skip holidays or events just because someone is probably contagious* and either (a) did not stay home, or (b) does not realize that they are sick yet. We employ preventive measures, but still end up with too many illnesses over the course of the year. I’m not complaining about how often we get sick, because a few colds a season over the winter probably isn’t that terrible. I would just like to see it happen less often, if it’s possible.

So, I would enjoy hearing any input on this topic:  how do you avoid catching colds (or worse)? More important still:  how do you avoid having your children catch them?

* Don’t think that we haven’t considered it, however, as we sit home tending sick, whiny, children, when all JR and I really want to do is take a nap so that we can get feeling better ourselves.

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