Posted by: Amanda | November 20, 2011

He went grocery shopping for me

Today JR went grocery shopping for me after he got out of work.* This probably seems simple on the surface, but my grocery shopping trips resemble a small scale version of Extreme Couponing. Even though I’ve been doing it for years, I still mess something up sometimes. Additionally, JR is reluctant to price match or use more than a couple of coupons at a time. I sent him with a shopping list that contained eight price matches and twenty-five coupons. Other than the one item that the store didn’t have in stock, the trip went without a hitch.

Thanks, JR. I really appreciate this, and everything, that you do for me.

*We aren’t big fans of shopping or working on Sunday, but we hadn’t been grocery shopping in nearly two weeks, and today was the shortest work day that JR had between last Monday and Thanksgiving. Also, Joshua, Gabriel, and I are still nursing colds.



  1. We try not to shop on Sundays too, but sometimes I realize that we just don’t have all the ingredients in the house to make any kind of real dinner…so Sunday shopping it is. My husband often has to go in and start experiments on Sundays so they can be ready for him when he gets to the lab on Monday, so avoiding work seems futile on Sundays seems futile as well! At least we try!

    I don’t know that I would trust my husband to remember to use coupons – he’d bring them and have every intention of using them, and then when he came home, he’d realize there were still in his pocket! I am very impressed your husband got it all right!

    • I created a very specific list of everything, especially for my husband to take shopping. Additionally, I put every coupon in an envelope, along with the list. Of course, he picked up a few items that weren’t on the list as well, probably for more than I would have paid. Getting everything on the list and using the coupons properly though? Success!

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