Posted by: Amanda | November 26, 2011


Today we managed to get our storage unit fairly well-organized, and got started on the boys’ room. Apparently, there hasn’t been any major organizing done in their room since last year around Christmas. It’s kind of amazing how quickly time flies. Today, we mostly decluttered and sent baby toys into storage. It’s surprising how sentimental JR and I were about the baby toys going into storage, JR even made a video of one of the toys in action before putting it away. Since the boys didn’t actually even care that their those toys were being put into storage, however, it was time for them to go. There will be new toys making an entrance within the next month anyway with Christmas, and we have a play kitchen ready to set up now that the baby toys are out of the way. I know that there’s going to be many, many hours of enjoyment playing in a room for our “big boys” now. Hopefully, there will be a lot of learning and child-organizational skills developing with all of the “upgrades” that we are working on in their room as well.

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