Posted by: Amanda | December 3, 2011

Project Idea: Christmas Thank You Cards

I always try to send thank you cards out in recognition of gifts or kind deeds, but sometimes those thank you cards do not make it in the mail quite as promptly as I would hope to get them there. This year, I have Christmas thank you cards ready and waiting, personalized with our family name on them:

Magi Gifts Brown Thank You Card
Click here to browse our popular thank you card designs.
View the entire collection of cards.

With such handsome, personalized stationary, I’m really looking forward to getting our thank you cards out the first chance that I get this year.

Do you send thank yous, Christmas or otherwise? Have you found that nice stationary products make you more likely to correspond via non-electronic means?

* I will receive a $10 Shutterfly credit in exchange for sharing this project, but all opinions shared within this post are my own.



  1. I love those thank you notes! The three wise men is a perfect graphic to represent gift giving and gratitude. I didn’t realize Shutterfly did personalized stationary – definitely something I’ll have to look into!

    It’s so wonderful you send out thank you notes, I feel like that’s a dying tradition. I have probably received only one thank you note this entire year even though we’ve been to a few weddings, sent several baby and bridal shower gifts, birthday gifts, etc. I always send thank you notes, but sometimes they aren’t always timely.

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