Posted by: Amanda | February 7, 2012

Guest Post on Elimination Communication at Catholic Newlywed

Today, I have a guest post on my family’s experience with elimination communication up at Catholic Newlywed.

I first heard about elimination communication, also known as natural infant hygiene, when my second son, Joshua, was a newborn. Not coincidentally, I was in the process of helping my firstborn, Gabriel (two years old), learn to use the toilet. With Gabriel, learning to use the toilet was a learned habit. After twenty months in diapers, learning to do something else did not come very easily to him. There was a large amount of time invested in the process, cajoling, and some bribery (in the form of M&Ms) as well as frustration. Learning about elimination communication at that time made me realize that we needed to try something different with Joshua. In Gabriel’s case, waiting to introduce the toilet with the signs of “readiness” had been too late to begin the learning process. I knew that there must be a better way, and elimination communication was our answer…. (Read the rest of the post here).


If you came here from Catholic Newlywed, welcome! I blog about motherhood, my family, parenting, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, frugal living, my faith, and occasionally other topics that interest me. Feel free to take a look around.


  1. Hi! I came over from Catholic Newleywed. Those topics you blog about are all ones I totally love, so I’m following you! Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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