Posted by: Amanda | March 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I know that most of the Internet has already moved on to spring, but our household is still sort of lamenting the winter that we never really had.

When two feet of snow fell on northern Michigan this past weekend, we took the opportunity to enjoy what may likely have been the last (and only) good snow of the season. JR and I packed up the boys and headed “up north” to Traverse City. Traverse City is one of our favorite Michigan cities to visit. The city is located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, and offers a great number of outdoorsy and touristy activities.

We had booked our hotel room ahead of time, and while we knew that Traverse City had received nearly two feet of snow the day before, the news of a tornado in Indiana overshadowed the weather-induced emergencies that Traverse City residents were dealing with this past weekend. We arrived in Traverse City Saturday evening to the busiest hotel lobby we had ever seen. The scenery was quite beautiful, but the snow was much more wet and heavy when it came down than usual, which caused seventy thousand people to lose power for a few days. Notice how weighed down by snow the trees are in the photos. Despite the hardship that the snow had caused for the local residents, it was a lovely weekend






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