Posted by: Amanda | May 19, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. I’ve been helping watch my three younger siblings (ages 5, 8, and 12) when my father is at work while my mother is in Italy. It’s been nice to be spending so much time with them. Gabriel and Joshua agree whole-heatedly.

2. The other really nice thing about watching my sisters (the eight and twelve year olds) is that they are so darn helpful. I know that it’s easy for parents to get bogged down while they’re in the “trenches of parenthood” (I know I do sometimes), but it really does get easier. I’m not lying when I tell the mother of a six month old that it was so much easier for me to have two children than one, and now I’m pretty sure that when/if we’re blessed with another child, it will still be easier (in some ways) to have three (or more) children than it was having one.

3. I’ll be starting the Flats and Handwashing Challenge on Monday. If you recall, last year I completed this challenge. Like last year, I intend to blog about my experience throughout the week.

4. Joshua’s vocabulary has been growing exponentially lately. I think he’s going to be more reserved in speech than Gabriel, but he has been proving lately that just because he chooses not to speak as frequently as his brother, does not mean his vocabulary is more limited.

5. Yard sale season is upon us! It’s actually been upon us for over a month, but summer festivals are beginning to ramp up, and we find that whenever any city has a festival, there are also a plentiful number of yard sales nearby. A neighboring town is having a major festival next weekend, so we’ll be going to many, many yard sales.

6. I know that yard sale shopping isn’t for everyone, but JR and I both have some “picker/bargain/treasure hunter” in us. It’s part hobby, part money-making gig, and part finding most everything we want and/or need at rock-bottom prices. We joke that one day we’ll be one of those older couples hitting up all of the estate sales together, but it’s likely true.

7. Thanks to some unseasonably warm weather, it’s over eighty degrees in my home today. We’ll be starting up the air conditioning units next week, but today I’m enjoying preparing cold meals, drinking chilled beverages, and taking it very easy. What are your favorite “it’s too hot outside” activities?


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