Posted by: Amanda | May 22, 2012

Flats Challenge 2012: Flats Challenge Supplies

Flats Challenge Button

In the spirit of the challenge, I’ve decided to keep my challenge supplies under $50.

Since I’ve been cloth diapering for several years, and have been using flats for a year of that time, I already had all of the supplies on-hand. The prices listed are what I paid for the supplies when they were new.


Wonderwrap, final sale: $5.12

Flip cover, second quality: $9

Flip trainer: approximately $10

Eight flat diapers:

(4) Target flour sack towels (colored flats), approximately $1.40 each – $5.60 total

(4) Osocozy flats, approximately $1.66 each – $6.64 total

Not pictured:
Natural Baby Company wetbag, final sale: $3.85

Total Cost of Flats Challenge Diapering Supplies: $40.12

So far, I haven’t needed more than six flats and two covers in my rotation, but I wanted to give myself some wiggle room for when things get busier this weekend.

Be sure to check out what supplies everyone else is using for the Flats Challenge.


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