Posted by: Amanda | June 29, 2012

One Summer Day’s Work

1:00am: Go to bed. I’ve been staying up late recently because the boys are on summer time, and stay up late, thus leading me to stay up late in order to make the most of my “night owl” productive time.

8:10: Get woke up by Gabriel

8:10-9:00: Wake up, check email, etc. Make breakfast why the boys watch A television episode.

9:00-10:00: The boys eat breakfast why I pay bills online because I’m not actually hungry yet. I clean up breakfast dishes, do a load of laundry, and get the boys ready to run errands.

10:00-11:30: Run morning errands with JR. This involved: banking, visiting the post office, going to a few yard sales, and taking one of our vehicles to JR’s mother so that she isn’t without a way to get around why her own vehicle is broke down.

12:00-1:00: Prepare and then eat lunch. Clean up.

1:00-1:30: Hang the first load of laundry outside on the line to dry. Start a second load.

1:30-2:15: Finish running errands we didn’t have time to complete earlier. This involved going to the local grocery store for a few items and to Rite Aid to pick up some sale items I hadn’t had time to get earlier in the week.

2:30-4:30: The boys and I are back at my Inlaws’ home, to swim in their pool. Because it is over 90 degrees, but they tend to go stir crazy if we don’t spend at least some time outside each day. After we finish swimming, we (my mother-in-law, niece, gabriel, Joshua, and me) enjoy a snack, by which I mean the children enjoy a snack and we all visit a bit.

5:00-6:00: The boys and I are back home. I hang the second load of laundry to dry outside, and then launch into preparing dinner. The boys and I eat and we all just relax for a bit.

6:30: JR arrives home from work, and eats his own dinner. Everyone visits a little.

7:30: We turn on an episode of television for the boys because it’s still too hot to go outside, and they are close to bouncing off the walls.

8:00: we all work on assorted chores around the house, involving cleaning up dinner, taking down laundry, picking up toys, etc.

9:00: It’s still so light outside, and has finally cooled down a bit, so we decide to go for a brief family walk.

9:15: Drinks for everyone, then we clean up and get the boys ready for bed.

9:30: The boys settle down and go to sleep more quickly than usual. The day wasn’t more busy than normal, so decide that we will be going to bed when it is dark forever more. The boys just will not sleep when it’s still light outside.

10:00: I spend a little time online and writing this blog post.


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