Posted by: Amanda | July 20, 2012

Just a Couple of Quick Takes: Sumertime RoundUp

— 1 —

Y This summer has been the most enjoyable summer in several years. Gabriel and Joshua (now nearly five and three, respectively) are both children instead of babies. With no diapers to haul and Joshua being close to dropping naps altogether, the fact that we are no longer planning for the needs of babies constantly has allowed us to really enjoy our leisure time on a new level. I’m sure it helps that our children’s interests and abilities have increased so much over the last year as well.

We have been swimming, participating in the local library’s summer reading program and related activities, soaked up as much of Lily, our five-year-old niece from North Carolina while she was vising for six weeks, and just trying the squeeze the most out of summer while it’s here.

— 2 —

Y Earlier this week, the PBS Do You Live in a Bubble Quiz was circulating within my Twitter feed. The Quiz has been out since March, so it’s old news, and of course, not entirely accurate in some cases. But the majority of the people that I follow on Twitter are relatively similar to myself in that most are women, college-educated, and married with young child(ren). Despite most people being in about the same place in life, there was a wide variety of results based on individual circumstances and life experiences, and I enjoyed learning about somme of other people’s backstories.

As for me, I scored a 67 on a scale of 0-100 (o=you live in a bubble, 100=no bubble). I have lived in a rural town that I have come to realize some people only experience through movies for most of my life. I am a first generation college graduate who financed my own education, thoiugh admittedly, this was mostly through scholarships and income from my part-time government job. If I hadn’t chosen to live with my parents and commute for all except one semester of college to save myself the cost of room and board, I would have graduated with much more than the $1,000 in debt.

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