Posted by: Amanda | August 7, 2012

Gabriel at Five

On Friday, Gabriel turned five years old. My first reaction was to wonder where these last five years went, but then I remembered that he’s grown from a tiny newborn into the boy he is today.


At five, Gabriel:

  • Continues to enjoy dinosaurs.
  • Never tires of riding his bike.
  • Enjoys swimming.
  • Asks when our next vacation/travel  will be.
  • Is surprisingly good at puzzles/games.
  • Is mysteriously tired when it’s time to do chores, yet rarely tired at bedtime.
  • Insists on hugging his father before he leaves for work, and then waving to him through the window.
  • Loves his little brother, who is his best friend.
  • Wants to do as he is told, and will even remind others that “we are supposed to do ____, not ____.”
  • Is interested in everything.

We had a little birthday party for him on Sunday, and made a dinosaur cake of his choosing (it’s a diplodocus):


We spent a large portion of the past year listening to Gabriel cry about how he didn’t want to get older, but now that five is here,  we are all in agreement: it is a wonderful age. Both to be, and to enjoy again with our son.



  1. cute cake. I was trying to find a place to email you re: using flats in your pocket diapers. We no longer have hard water, but even with bleaching, seems like our microfiber holds stink the next time we wash. Most of it is 3 years old, but even the ‘new’ stuff starts to smell as well. I’m at a loss as to what to do but wondering if using prefolds or flats inside my pockets would help.

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