Posted by: Amanda | September 30, 2012

Little Moments

Today was very difficult for me. The boys didn’t get quite as much sleep as normal last night, so they weren’t at their best. Though I believe that the bigger problem was that I just wasn’t at MY best. This was even with my husband having the entire weekend off from work and taking a considerable workload off of myself, but I digress.

I found myself starting to wish that it was bedtime shortly after dinner. I can’t actually remember myself ever seriously wanting to skip ahead in time before, probably with the exception of every time I have ever had stomach flu-like symptoms (does anyone not want to skip through that?), so I knew it was serious.

At bedtime, I was hoping that the boys would go to sleep quickly and without any drama, when Gabriel told me that he really wanted someone to be close to him while he slept. I placed my hand on his, and then we held hands until after he fell asleep. Lesson learned. If I had actually been able to skip ahead to tomorrow, I would have missed this precious moment, which is more difficult to think about than everything else from today combined.



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