Posted by: Amanda | October 20, 2012

Flux Capacitor

JR works for a company that sells auto parts. While he was out running errands earlier today, he called back to the store to check in on the college-aged man who was in charge of things in his absence.
Before reading the following transcript, as dictated to me by JR, please note that his co-worker thought that he was speaking to an actual  customer with a real request.

JR: Hello! I was wondering if you carry flux capacitor wrenches?

College Man: … Umm, what kind of wrench did you say it was again?

JR: I’m looking for a flux capacitor wrench. To work on my flux capacitor. You know, for moving through time.

CM: {Searching catalogues, unsuccessfully). Let me check on that for you, sir. {Puts JR on hold for a couple of minutes}.

JR: {Hangs up phone, because he has errands to finish running}.

When JR returned to the store, CM inquired about the flux-capacitor wrench, at which point JR ascertained that his younger co-worker had never seen Back to the Future (which makes me feel old-ish, but then I used to be the person who had never seen movies that all of my older co-workers had, so no big deal). Then JR picked on him appropriately for actually searching for the (time machine) tool in question.


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