Posted by: Amanda | November 1, 2012

NaBloPoMo 2012

5:15pm, Today, November 1: After weeks of mostly thinking that I just don’t have it in me to complete National Blog Posting Month this year, I decide to give it a try anyway.

I really do enjoy writing in this space, but I’m unsure of what to write here these days. As my children have gotten older, I feel that it’s less appropriate to write about them. There’s plenty that I could write about my own life, but I am a rather private person, so writing about my greatest hopes, challenges, and the like in a space where anyone and everyone can access them doesn’t appeal to me, at least not when I’m in the midst of them. I imagine it would be pretty awful for others to read about me struggling with the same things year after year as well. I tend to become immersed in whatever is going on in my life, and if I’m not comfortable writing about that…well, it can be difficult for me to write about anything.

So, my hope for this month is to determine what this space is now. I have many half-completed posts that will hopefully be published, and am armed with prompts incase I find myself drawing a blank. NaBloPoMo, here we go!


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