Posted by: Amanda | November 2, 2012

Earlier Shift

The past couple of days JR has already gone to work by the time the boys and I have gotten out of bed.

Oddly*, this has caused us to have super productive mornings. On Monday, everyone was fed, clean, dressed and out running errands before 10:30. Telling you what time I consider early to be leaving the house probably makes this seem less impressive. My children have been in a vicious cycle of not falling asleep until far too late and then sleeping in late though. I am looking forward to the time change this weekend because it’s going to instantly adjust Gabriel and Joshua to a bedtime that is one hour earlier than it is currently. But back to my original point: when JR doesn’t go into work until after lunch, we have to hurry to get our errands finished before the kids get out of school and everyone else is running their own errands. 10:30 was a wonderful time, because the stores, library and park were all pretty slow or nearly empty. I was expecting this, but it was even more wonderful than I had expected.

Then we came home, ate lunch, and still had the entire rest of the afternoon to work on things before JR got home from work. Which was earlier than normal because he had started early. All in all, it was a lovely couple of days, schedule-wise.

*I say oddly because he works plenty of early mornings that we are not as productive, but these are usually Saturdays. So maybe that’s the difference.


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