Posted by: Amanda | November 4, 2012

Favorite Finds, Volume I

It was a busy weekend. Yesterday was my party to celebrate my grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary (more on that later this month). Then we had the regular weekend activities, which are usually pretty busy-making on their own, and some deep cleaning of the house to do. All this is to say that I’m doing an easier post today, but it is related to a topic that I enjoy: bargain shopping.

These bargains were accumulated from a combination of Target, Rite Aid and TJ Maxx. (Duplicate items not pictured)


Halloween clearance from Target, all of it was 70% off:
(2) Pumpkin buckets
(2) Pumpkin Masters Kids Fright Lights
(1) Star Wars jack-o-lantern kit
(1) Very Hungry Caterpillar cup (I thought this was only 50% off, would have bought the other one if I’d known it was such a high discount).

I don’t usually buy most holiday items unless they’re 75% off or more, but I don’t make special trips either because it usually negates the savings, so I was pleased with the 70% clearance.

Target Personal Care (average 93% savings):
(2) 18oz Dove Men+Care Bodywash
(1) 6-pack Dove Men+Care Bar Soap
(2) Gillette Fusion Proglide razors
(1) Gillette shave cream, 2-pack
(1) Up&Up animal patterned bandages (not on sale, but sufficiently cute to convince the child with a day-old band-aid that he should change it, and for his uninjured brother to ask if he could have one).

I was very pleased to get the Dove products because it’s JR’s favorite brand and I rarely save such a high percentage on it. The shave supplies will likely be donated or given as gifts.

Rite Aid (average 97% savings):
(1) Venus & Olay razor
(2) Ladies’ Schick Quatro razors
(1) Colgate Total Advance toothpaste (not pictured)

This is actually a pretty average day for me at Rite Aid. I live about a mile from the Rite Aid in my small town, so I am able to stop in a couple of times per week in order to maximize savings and only purchase the best deals.

TJ Maxx (80% savings):
(1) Lightning McQueen bathmat

We don’t go to TJ Maxx often. I think this is probably the best deal I’ve ever gotten there.

Finally, I’ll share the toy deal that Gabriel and Joshua got, since it’s probably more exciting than everything that I bought combined (depending on who you are, I suppose). JR’s parents have Shetland Sheepdog puppies that the boys have been spending quite a bit of time “training.” So, their ever-generous grandparents gave them each $20 for their help with the puppies. Today we went to Michael’s and they each selected a dinosaur for their hard work time spent petting, holding, and playing with puppies.

Safari Apatosaurus, $6.50. Gabriel has wanted this dinosaur since before Christmas last year, so it’s nice that he was able to find one and get a good deal on it.


Safari Brachiosaurus, $5.00. Joshua’s pick, I think he may have partially wanted his own sauropod since Gabriel was buying one. Since he didn’t have a sauropod of his own before now, however, it may have just been that he legitimately wanted a brachiosaurus as well.


My mother-in-law let us look at her Safari retailer catalog, and we realized that it costs us less to use a 50% off coupon at Michael’s, as we did today, than to buy them through her. Of course, this means that you can only purchase whatever Michael’s (or Hobby Lobby, which sells Papo brand models near us) carries, but they have a wide selection of far more creatures than we will likely ever own.


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