Posted by: Amanda | November 9, 2012

Memory Lapse

One thing about blogs is that we bloggers tend to portray only our best selves to the world. I’m guilty of it too, we all are. Today, however, I make it a little more real here.

Sometime in the last twenty-four hours,
I misplaced my keys. I still haven’t found them, but that’s (hopefully) because I haven’t really looked for them. Luckily, we keep spare keys around for such occasions, so, after calling JR to confirm that we had a spare for the car I was planning to drive, I located it. Gabriel, Joshua, and I completed all of the errands in a relatively timely manner. Only when I returned home did I realize that, despite JR reminding me, and thinking of it myself more than once, I had managed to lock the boys and myself out of our house because I didn’t have my house key. I called JR, who didn’t answer because he was working. Since it was high time that I start dinner, I loaded the boys back in the car and drove to where JR works, so that I could borrow his house key. JR reminded me that: 1) He told me not to lock the door to our house (not helpful at this point in time), and 2) We keep a spare key in a hidden location. It’s been long enough since I needed the spare house key that I actually forgot that it existed. Sometimes it’s nice to be blessed with a memory that can forget things easily, but not today.

*I actually have a pretty good memory when I take the time/make the effort to commit something to memory. I just don’t do so as often as I should, especially when life is pulling me in multiple directions at the same time.



  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one….

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