Posted by: Amanda | November 11, 2012

Everyone Has to Make a Living (Employment Meme)

As part of my goal to write more about myself, today I’m participating in this employment meme.

How many jobs have you had?

Five Jobs I’ve Had

1. Babysitter. I watched two elementary-aged children during the hour and a half or so between when school let out and their parents came home when I was fifteen and sixteen.

2. Horse boarder. This was technically self-employed, I suppose. From the time I was about seventeen to nineteen I earned a little money by helping care for a family friends’ horse. I did manage to earn a Gold Equine Proficiency FFA award and second place in the state due to this endeavor, however.

3. Intern, and later sales/plant care specialist, at a Garden Center and Landscaping firm.

4. Biological Technician with the United States Department of Agriculture.

5. Administrative Assistant. On one of my last days as a biological technician (I was laid off due to lack of funding), this job (also with the USDA) fell into my lap.

How many times have you been fired?
I have technically been laid off, due to lack of work, funding, etc. from almost every job I’ve ever had.

How many times have you quit?
I quit the babysitting gig when summer started because I wanted to enjoy my summer instead of watch kids from 8am-5pm for the very small amount they offered me. To this day, I think it’s important for young adults to learn responsibility, but am not keen on them working full time hours until they’re eighteen.

Did you go to school for any of the jobs you worked?
My got my jobs at the Garden Center and with the USDA because of my horticultural degree.

Worst job you ever had?
None of the jobs were too bad. I would say that anytime I have had to deal with crazy antics of a co-worker, employer, client or employee has been the worst part of any job I’ve ever had.

Best job you ever had?
Being a Stay-at-home Mom. The hours are long, but I get to hang out with my children and manage our household. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting away with something since I’m not working a traditional 9am-5pm job.

Dream job?
I am pretty much living the dream. My master plan, even as a college student, was to be a part-time work-at-home-mom. I’d like to own/manage a CSA (community supported agriculture), and be paid to write. I also have some other marketable skills that I’d like to put to use someday.

What are you doing now?
I’m a Stay-at-home Mom, I earn a little through landscaping endeavors, selling on eBay, craftshows, etc., and the occasional editing gig.


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