Posted by: Amanda | November 15, 2012

November 15, Advent Activities, Perceptions on Sales

Today was a busy day. JR’s birthday. Opening day of firearm deer season in Michigan (which I don’t partake in, but my husband does). Small family birthday party for JR. Grocery shopping. Looking at this list, I’m not surprised that I didn’t get a lot of household chores done today. But it was a special day. A day to celebrate. So I don’t regret the everyday tasks that went undone today. Tomorrow is for catching up.


Advent is a couple of weeks out yet, but I’ve been considering what types of activities we should do. Confession: sometimes I read Advent activity lists and think to myself, “they are making more work for themselves!” This is already such a busy time of year, and I will be lucky to get everything done that I need to without adding extra things to the mix.* Thus, our Advent calendar is going to contain the activities that I plan to accomplish anyway. Sure, some of those activities are purely for fun and may even fall on someone else’s “she’s making extra work for herself list,” but I think it will be perfect for us.

Today I ordered a couple of pairs of jeans for Gabriel from Target. They were on a 65% off clearance, and will be shipped free to my door. Since other pants from this brand fit him well, I’m nearly certain that this was the best solution to finding a couple pairs of jeans for him to wear after not locating any jeans in his preferred style earlier this year. Yet, I buy most of the boys’ clothing secondhand, so the situation seemed a little strange and “expensive” to me. Individual circumstances and experiences play a bigger role in how we perceive things on a day-to-day basis than I realize sometimes.

*I don’t think negatively of those who are able to plan all sorts of extra activities during Advent, I actually admire them a lot. And know my own limitations.


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