Posted by: Amanda | November 17, 2012

Favorite Finds, Volume II

I managed to get in a little Christmas bargain shopping this week.

(2) Method Hand Soaps (Method makes great natural products).
(4) Glade Candles (I’m not a fan of most Glade products, but the winter collection smells wonderful this year, and is a great deal at Target for the next month).
(1) Glade Room Spray
Saved 98%

(1) Silk flower
(1) Dolphin beading pack
(1) 30-count paint brushes (We go through a lot of paint brushes, so I’m happy to be stocked up for awhile).
Saved 64%

Rite Aid
(1) Axe gift set (several male relatives use Axe, so I couldn’t resist picking up this gift set at better than after-Christmas clearance pricing).
(2) Disney chocolate Advent countdown calendars (I let each boy pick their own, and told them that we weren’t getting them out until December).
(2) Skittles-filled Santa ornaments (My plan is to save these for St. Nicholas’ Day, then we can hang them on the tree if the boys are so inclined. After eating the candy, of course).
(2) Stride ID gum
(2) Single-serving Lindt milk chocolate truffles (these would make such cute little stocking stuffers for adults).
Saved 78%

Small Local Grocery Store
(8) Betty Crocker box potatoes (JR really enjoys these)
(2) Cool Whip whipped topping
(1) French’s French fried onions
(1) Nestlé chocolate morsels
Saved 72%

Rite Aid
(1) Axe gift set
(2) Lindt single-serve chocolates.
(2) 12ct Candy Canes (Gabriel and Joshua chose the flavors, because we already have some traditional candy canes)
(6) Stride ID gum
Saved 84%

(3) Pampers wipes (we like to keep moist wipes in the car).
(1) Gillette Fusion Proglide shave gel
Saved 94% on these items.
My mother-in-law and brother-in-law were kind enough to pick these up for us at Kroger. I clipped the coupons and told them which items were the best deals so that they could take advantage of the stock up prices on some Procter and Gamble items this week. They were thrilled to save 86% on their purchases overall.

I made it back to Target and did the Glade deal again.
(3) Glade candles
(1) Glade scented oil candle & holder
(1) Glade Room Spray
Saved 90%

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