Posted by: Amanda | November 18, 2012

Cute Things Joshua said at Mass Today

Today Joshua was kind of a chatterbox at mass. We were sitting in the cry room alone though, so he wasn’t disrupting everyone. Which is good for us because I listened to what he had to say before immediately shushing him, and some of it was pure gold:

The parish we were at today keeps their bread and wine at the back of the church right in front of the cry room window until the presentation of gifts. Joshua looked at it, and announced “It’s Jesus’ medicine!” Which wasn’t completely incorrect, given that after consecration we Catholics consider the Eucharist to be our spiritual food/medicine. Maybe he’s a little theologian in the making.

Ten minutes or so later, Joshua was studying a small statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and declared “she’s a princess! Jesus’ mommy a princess!”
To which I replied, “The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of Heaven.”
Joshua, having just watched Brave earlier this week, thought this over for a moment and asked, “is she going to turn into a bear?”

Parenting Catholic children brings its own unique things to chuckle about. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.


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