Posted by: Amanda | November 21, 2012

Day Before Thanksgiving Randomness

Today I went to our local cider mill in an attempt to obtain a couple of gallons of cider for the upcoming holidays. Except they were sold out. I know we were lucky to have any cider this year, but last year I was still buying cider in late February. On a happier note, their remaining apples were 30% off, so we bought some.


I am going to stick to my low-key Black Friday shopping policy. The the only stores in my small town that even have sales for this occasion are Rite Aid and Dollar General. Which I will probably go to for a few items that are the best deals, but both of these stores have sales that begin tomorrow and last until Saturday. So no rush. If I miss something that I actually need, I’ll pick it up later. It’ll be nice to just cook, eat, and enjoy a relaxing day tomorrow. Additionally, there’s always online shopping if I decide that I’m interested in something in particular. (Not likely, I’ve already scoured the sale ads, which seem pretty ho-hum this year).


We are having some warmer weather lately (for Michigan), than we’ve had for most of November, which has been unusually cool for the most part. Today I hung laundry to dry outside. It didn’t completely dry, but it dried more quickly than it would have in our house. And smells fresh as only clothing dried outdoors does.

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